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Our Top Gun program used the remaining development stages to accomodate the players. Although we would wish for the players to stay longer at a specific stage where they should excell more it becomes difficult within the South African market where we find players competing at primary school level only with the GREEN DOT ball. We believe the ORANGE stage is to easily skipped by various coaches and therefor we also try to implement the ORANGE stage at the HOT SHOTS program. The Orange Stage is a progression from the Red Stage, on our development program pathway. The Orange stage lessons are played over an increase court size, and increased net height, an a higher ball compression. The Top Gun Program is Tennis Australia's official kids' starter program for children aged 10 and under. It involves three key components: Key philosophy: Learning through play - serve, rally and score. By using a system that includes implicit learning opportunities, players have fun and learn quickly and effectively without the need to halt all activity and revert to traditional explicit instruction-based coaching that means standing in line an being inactive for long periods. This does not mean technical skills are not taught, but technical intervention helps players to perform the skills better when they try to play the game. Technique has a purpose - to help players perform the tactics of the game more effectively.

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