Preschool Tennis @ Midstream Estate

Consult with you because you need to start with tennis TODAY!

We service Midstream Ridge Preprimary as well as Midstream College Preschool with tennis lessons

We offer lessons for preschool players on Tuesdays by Midstream Ridge and Thursdays by Midstream College

Contact us ASAP for times and space!

Safe, easy, and fun reliable healthy activity for kids

Tennis is one of the safest activities during Covid - 19.

Tennis is also the best first sport for any child to begin with!

Your first lesson at JL's Tennis Academy is free of charge. We do the assessment in this lesson and see where we go from their.

Make sure to contact us before space runs out!

How does this work?

Send us a Whatsapp

Please send a Whatsapp, this helps us communicate withyou. Everyone at JLs Tennis Academy are coaches (even the admin). They might not be available at that specific moment.

Arrange Your Assessment

We will get back to you and a coach will arrange an assessment lesson. After the assessment the coach will recommend a lesson for you.

Sign Up

The documents will be sentwhich can be completed and you decide which of the available time slots will fit you!

We are waiting for you!

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