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The guideline for age of a person and the racket size that is used is very important. You should make sure that the racket is appropriate for the person. You want to make sure that the person is comfortable with the racket that they choose. You need to consider the physical strength and height of the person before you choose one for their game.

The rackets for younger people are generally much lighter that the tennis rackets for adults. You should also consider experience when determining the right racket for a young adult. When you visit any sporting goods store, the professional sales team there will help you in the consideration for the racket that is best for any young adult that wants to play this fun and fascinating sport.

A young adult is not big enough for an adult racket. They are probably better off with a standard twenty-seven inch racket rather than a larger one. The person should be able to use the racket and have a comfortable swing. The extra long rackets will tend to be heavier than those of a shorter handle.

Adult rackets come as light as 10 ounces but rackets that are lighter than 10 ounces are sometimes too small for the weight of the ball. You will want to be able to hit the ball and get it too move in the speed and direction that you intend it to. A beginner in tennis will not have to walk through the strokes of the game in order to make an informed decision based on an adult court.

When you are just not sure what tennis racket to buy for a beginning young adult or child, you can have them hold the racket behind him so that the tip touches their lower back and his elbow is the highest part of the arm. Then you should have them raise the racket over their head as if they were getting ready to serve the ball, however with a slower swing. If the racket is going to be too heavy for the young adult, this is when they are going to feel the burn.

One thing to remember is that the adult is going to grow out of the tennis racket, as they get older. Junior tennis rackets tend to be inexpensive. The nicer ones that you find at a pro tennis shop will run from twenty to forty dollars. When you are looking for a cheaper racket, they can be just as good as the more expensive ones. You should avoid the rackets that are lighter and more flexible than the others in the bottom of the price range.

Getting the young person to adjust to their racket will not be a hard thing to do. Have them play as often as they can and get the feel of their racket. It will also be good practice for the game of tennis as well.

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